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Tackling the world's global health issues  

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As a species we have never been healthier. But millions still suffer from cancer, heart disease, obesity and from simple, curable illnesses like diarrhoea or respiratory infections. So, while we may be healthier than ever – more of us are dying from diseases that are often preventable, either through a simple vaccination, better sanitation, or a change in diet and lifestyle.

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This is an ambitious and long-term project, which seeks to bring about behavioural change over several years. We have developed a number of awareness-raising TV projects that explore global health through a range of formats including one-offs focused on specific issues and a landmark series designed to do for global health what Blue Planet II did for plastics. This multi-platform range of outstanding TV projects will inform and entertain, and point to the simple things we can all do to redress the balance.


A ‘drum-beat’ of content across platforms across a period of time will build increased awareness as well as inspire changes in individual behaviour to improve personal health.